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There’s the astounding and moving box trick from 2009’s Enigma and a smattering of material from Svengali and Infamous.

Confined to the killer, Brown can leave the filler at the door, so there’s no need for some of the more conventional feats that usually pad out the first half of his shows, and instead trick after trick lands to an audience of dropped jaws and sharp intakes of breath.

As a child, he was educated at the Whitgift School in South Croydon and as he graduated, he went to study Law at the University of Bristol.

During his time there, he was once an audience in the show by hypnotist Martin S Taylor, who amused and inspired him to learn the tricks of hypnotism.

Though he repeatedly speaks about the human need for narrative, Secret eschews any arc.

He was born in Purley, London, England as the eldest of two sons to couple of Chris and Bob Brown.

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