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12-Oct-2017 22:41

No matter what version are you using, there will always be an option in the formulas or calculation area where you can make the update cell to automatic.

If you are a Mac user, you can go to “Preferences” and then select the cell update to automatic.

and thanks for welcoming onto the forum, I do love Excel and use it as/for data transformation (DTS/SSIS) a lot, and want to start using it as a front end too.

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Thank you much, Monica Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) If Target.

Good Evening Everyone, I have an enquiry that i could not solve.

I need to update a record of an employee by changing the "status" of the employee in an excel sheet using

A date or time that updates when the worksheet is recalculated or the workbook is opened is considered “dynamic” instead of static.

In a worksheet, the most common way to return a dynamic date or time in a cell is by using a worksheet function.

Note: The results of the TODAY and NOW functions change only when the worksheet is calculated or when a macro that contains the function is run.

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