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04-Jul-2017 17:11

As she walked up the steps to the bathroom I couldn't help but noticed her hips swaying sexily, I was so horny I couldn't wait to get her in bed.

Upstairs Janet immediatly knelt and fumbled at my pajamas for my cock, hungrily she took the whole thing in her mouth and licked its length.

I asked her how her day went she shrugged and said it went ok.

The rest of the week she didn't have alot to say after work.

I was shocked not only was Janet screwing her boss but she wanted me to hang out with him?When Ray arrived he was everything she first said about him, his arms were very hairy and there was a thick tuft of hair sticking out of his shirt, which had the top two buttons undone. I tried to make small talk while my wife was in the kitchen, Janet brought us a couple drinks, me a beer and Ray a burbon on the rocks.This is a nice place you two have, will you give me the tour Jan? The next few weeks she progressivly got more and more vocal about her dislike for him, calling him a gorrilla and saying he had hair on his arms that could make a rug.

The first day she met him she came home and told me what a old fashioned creep he was and she was going to miss her old boss ( who was a female).

When she came in she was disheveled looking and I quickly realised she had been drinking.