Repositoryexception while retry updating documents in master repository

03-Jan-2018 02:43

This turned out to require quite a bit more noodling than I had anticipated.

Of course, dealing with asynchronous code - especially asynchronous code that contains loops - is not exactly simple.

Over the weekend, I posted a Pouch DB plugin that performs a bulk update operation in Pouch DB.

This plugin was meant to encapsulate the Get-Modify-Put workflow for updating multiple documents in this No SQL database.

Only this time, in order to create and resolve artificial conflicts, my update operator() is going to delete the "_rev" property from each document after the first index.

This means that if N documents are being updated, indices 1..(N-1) will return as Conflict results.

Timeout Exception: Timeout while attempting to lock the keys [f5e46727505d6451e1455a-9fd2-4530-a3f0-7265f7e546c1] after 0 retry attempts. Writable Session Nodes(Writable Session [modeshape-jcr-4.5.0.

Writable Session Session [modeshape-jcr-4.5.0.

repositoryexception while retry updating documents in master repository-53

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For example, here's what a Docs() operation might return when conflicts are present: Notice that while a successful operation reports the doc "id", the conflicts do not.As you can see, each update operator() attempts to append "( UPDATED )" to the name of each Apple.Of course, this will result in conflicts which will have to be retried.The plugin didn't inspect the results in any way - it just passed them back to the calling context (via a Promise).

After reading through Nolan Lawson's upsert plugin, however, I was inspired to try and add some retry logic to my bulk-update plugin.Each thread starts and commits it's own Tx (via container managed transactions). Timeout Exception: Timeout while attempting to lock the keys [f5e46727505d6451e1455a-9fd2-4530-a3f0-7265f7e546c1] after 0 retry attempts. Timeout Exception: Timeout while attempting to lock the keys [f5e46727505d6451e1455a-9fd2-4530-a3f0-7265f7e546c1] after 0 retry attempts. Writable Session Session [modeshape-jcr-4.5.0.

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