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Based on [his/her] appearance, answer the following questions about the [man/woman]." They were then presented with target images of a young man and young woman (both obese and thin) for which participants were expected to rate the targets in terms of personality traits and relationship desirability.Along with demographic information, participants used the Mate Value Inventory-7 (MVI-7) asking them to rate the person shown in the picture on 19 qualities.

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But a new study published in the journal presents the results of a comprehensive study examining weight bias towards the formerly obese and how it related to romantic choices. Carels of East Carolina University and a team of fellow researchers recruited a large sample of undergraduate students (318 men, 379 women) to take part in a survey using the online questionnaire platform, Qualtrics.As a result, this kind of bias often leads to more negative outcomes for many obese people, including lower employment rates, lower salaries, and lower educational achievement than their less-overweight counterparts.

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