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20-Jul-2017 19:35

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“We wanted to take the roof off of the faith, look at its entirety: the sacrament, pre-existence, the priesthood.We really unpacked the key differences between LDS theology and that of mainline Christianity.One of Meredith’s professional responsibilities was to invite representatives of different faiths to share their beliefs.The sessions featured many religious traditions, from Judaism to Hinduism and from Buddhism to Mormonism.The hopeful young woman dreamed of a long life of health, happiness and a loving family.During college, Randy left Catholicism over doctrinal disagreements and soon found a spiritual home in the Lutheran faith.It was a feeling she admitted was tough to describe, but even harder to ignore.Looking out at the curious crowd, she said, quite simply, “I want some of that!

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In a recent interview, Randy described for me their approach.“I was surrounded by women who understood that the singularly most important role they would play in their lives would be that of wife and mother," she said.