Insider dating secrets

04-Oct-2017 13:03

It wasn't them; it was "The Game" they had been told to play.They had the best intentions, but they were going about attracting and dating beautiful women in all the wrong ways."If you have ever wondered why you aren't on the calendars of beautiful women, why they never seem to call back, or always end up with the jerks of the world, then you have to hear what I have to say. If you want to find success, you have to see things from a different perspective.

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Being happily married, I wasn't sure this book was for me, but I thought it might have some interesting points that I could apply to my relationship with my wife.

The best couples I've ever seen are the people that are teammates.

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A lot of people feed into this by keeping their options open even after entering monogamous relationships.… continue reading »

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