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18-Sep-2017 14:13

Frequently applying for new credit can hurt your credit score, so make sure you really need that new card before you apply for it.

2) Myth: Paying less than the minimum payment on your credit card bill doesn’t count as a missed payment.

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1) Myth: Applying for a credit card only affects your credit score if you use the card.Each plan has its own advantages and disadvantages but all plans offer third party intervention with creditors and options for eliminating debts.A plan to manage your debt is any strategy that helps consumers repay debt obligations or otherwise handle debt payments through a plan of action that is mutually beneficial to both debtor and creditors.Credit cards can be great financial tools, as long as you use them wisely.

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Knowing the facts about credit cards can help you avoid financial pitfalls.Fact: Applying for new credit comprises 10 percent of your credit score.