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In 1780-1781, the buildings for official institutions were constructed, along with the development of the Kazansky and Sibirsky roads.

On August 24, 1878, the Ural Railway from Perm to Chusovaya was opened.

INN: 5906107231KPP: 590201001Recipient: AFT for the Perm region (MPI «"Perm directorate of traffic"» p/a 04563095890)C/a: 40101810700000010003Bank: Perm branch BIK: 045773001KBK: 945 11651020020000 140OKTMO: 57701000 In the designation of payment, it is mandatory to indicate the number of the decision on bringing to administrative responsibility (25-digit number).Perm is a major city in the east of the European part of Russia located near the Ural Mountains. It is also a port city on the Kama River - a large industrial, scientific, cultural, and logistic centre of the Urals.The population of Perm is about 1,036,000 persons (2016); total area - 800 sq. Phone code: 7 342 Postal codes - 614000-614575 The current territory of the city has been inhabited since ancient times.Students who successfully pass the exam after completing the course will receive a formal certificate that entitles them to a 50% discount for undergraduate and Master’s programmes offered by the HSE campus in Perm.

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Two courses are offered – a longer one running from October until July and a shorter intensive course from February to March.

According to the specified details, you can pay a fine in the branch of any bank and in all post offices in the territory of the Perm region or use online banks or mobile banks.