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03-Aug-2017 22:41

He sees nothing though and it's all because of the Dark Multiverse's Batmen it seems, who have blocked him from seeing what's on the other side, but who plan on entering this world instead.That's it for this issue of Dark Days: The Casting and where I was really into the previous issue, this dense ass book just really left me scratching my head as to what was actually going on here because every damn character seemed to be all about talking in riddles and being as coy about the information as they could and by the end I left this issue feeling completely lost about what was going on....... Not to mention that the jumps throughout time, where Hawkman and Hawkwoman were trying to see what this Dark Universe was and how it tied into their lives didn't really add up to me because at one point, The Wizard Shazam's dagger just falls into the hands of Cadmus, where Talia Al Ghul just happened to be to give Batman the dagger.We're not high falutin, just a bunch of dummies who love comics just like you..just spend an insane amount of time working on this site for no pay. So, sit a spell and read our Reviews, News and Articles and if you are really brave, listen to the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast. When Dark Days: The Forge came out last month I was all on board with our big summer event and was even thinking to myself, move over Dr.Manhattan, we have way more interesting things going on over half the film all i wanted was for it to be over and the only reason i watched it until the end was, because i wanted to know how they would conclude it, but that was a pretty dumb move from my side, because it just turned weirder and dumber and even more silly.

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UK viewers will be able to catch the episode twice on Mondays on Sky Atlantic: it’s airing once at 2am and once at 9pm. It's in this part that we also find out that there's more going on with Duke than him just having Meta powers, like we saw in All-Star Batman, but that he's apparently The Signal, that Batman will use to acquire the answers he's looking for.As our issue closes, the Joker gets away after destroying Batman's' Genesis Machine, but Duke's abilities somehow allow him to see what it once was and with the help of a duplicate Green Lantern ring, he's able to recreate the machine, with all the mystical and alien artifacts that Batman's collected around it and allow Batman to access the Dark Dimension that he's been trying to get to so that he can have his answers.It's odd that Wonder Woman just shows up out of nowhere here to give Batman Apollo's flaming sword, but we'll go with it because that leads us to the Arizona desert, where Batman's using the sword to gain entry into an underground complex because he's honed in on an energy source that has the same frequency as the thing that's affecting both Earth-0 and Earth-2 and inside we find Dubbilex.

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It turns out that this facility was once one of the Cadmus Labs and that they were using the metal of Wizard Shazam's dagger to activate meta-humans, but that it is cursed and brought about a terrible destruction.It set up a big mystery within the DCU, leading back to the dawn of time and even concepts thrown at us that made it seem that our past continuity before the New 52 still existed in a way that it may be coming back at some point and it all had to do with some enigmatic metal that tied into the Court of the Owls Electrum and even the Dionysium from Endgame.

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