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Spend time with this person and glean all the wisdom you can.

Again, it was Solomon who said, “He who walks with the wise grows wise” (Proverbs ).

The time to think through any potentially perilous situation is before it happens. If holding to your values is important to you, take time to identify them before you start dating. Many awkward and compromising situations can be avoided by simply being honest with your date about your standards.

If you traveled to a large city, you would get clear directions to your exact destination so you don’t end up in an unsafe area. If your dating partner resists your efforts to be true to your beliefs, then do yourself a favor—gracefully bow out. When facing any challenge, it helps to know you are not alone.

How then can courtship be classified as a spiritual subject which deserves spiritual consideration by the Christian individual or by the church as a whole?

There are at least two valid reasons for classifying courtship as a subject for spiritual study.

First, the New Testament teaches the Christian that existence envelops the entire life of the Christian individual.

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A study of marriage is unquestionably a religious or spiritual topic.As Brad said, “I’ve heard Christian dating advice that assumes all Christians are exactly the same.But it’s not as if every believer fits a certain profile.Can I use another person in any manner I wish to fulfill my own selfish interest?

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What responsibility do I have to honesty, truthfulness and fairness in my relationships with others?

The New Testament gives definite emphasis to Christian marriage and is specific about Christian men and women's responsibility in marriage.