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11-Jan-2018 17:04

This is the first we’re hearing that this was not a foregone conclusion.Hubby Joe is confused – Schitzy’s only been away for two weeks and now she wants a divorce? Schitzy Joe tells the camera that this phone call was her way of moving on with her life, because she’s here for Bret, and she loves Bret. What I want to know is, when does Schitzy Joe take out a restraining order on Bret?

Will it be Daisy, the speech-impaired plasticine imp?

Time’s up, and Bret saunters back in to watch these disasters. (4) Megan calls someone and yells at them, storming off and shaking her head. Closing scene is Jessica on the floor of Bret’s room with an apple. I think there’s a cream for that, but maybe that’s just that pesky western medicine getting in the way of spiritual enlightenment. Bret is floored because he thought the divorce was a done deal. ” She ends with a flourish and a shriek, so she’s obviously been hanging out with Destiney a little too much.

(5) Schitzy Joe runs down the stairs with a hopeful look on her face. The other girls hover outside on the staircase, fuming. Schitzy Joe tells us that Ambre’s really starting to mess with her head. Ambre is wearing a tankini-style top with her weird, pasty, lumpy stomach hanging out and then a floor-length skirt.

Bret Michaels continues to prove he'll bump em' no matter what age ... An eyewitness says Michaels was cruising in a Mercedes in Scottsdale, AZ Friday morning when he got just a little too close to the car in front. Bret exchanged info with the woman and the two went on their own way.

No word on what type of protection Michaels used ...

This is when Schitzy Joe tells Ambre that earlier that morning she had “released” her second husband, explaining that she called because “I haven’t talked to my ex-husband in like, two, weeks.” Ambre can’t believe that wasn’t already done and is appropriately aghast. No f*ing wonder Bret doesn’t trust you, know what I’m saying? Each team chooses creative director, and the winning creative director gets a solo date with Bret.