Atheist friendly dating sites

12-Dec-2017 19:36

According to Fred Edwords, national director of the United Coalition of Reason (the organization responsible for many of the atheist billboard campaigns), "As for the worst states to be an atheist, it doesn't generally work that way.

It depends on what part of a state you are in."In fact, he's not even sure that this difference always breaks down along urban/ rural lines. But we had bus ads vandalized in Detroit, too." And he added that in Kentucky, "we had no problem in Louisville, but I still can't get a billboard company to run our ads in supposedly more liberal Lexington."And according to the Rev. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, "No state is really safe for non-believers.

The point is to show that anti-atheist bigotry is real.

The point is to show that it has real-world consequences.

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Comments in the Providence Journal article on the story were ugly, personal, even threatening -- to a great extent about the ACLU, but largely about Ahlquist herself.solely and entirely because the content of the ads -- "Are you good without God? And as the behind-the-scenes scrambling reveals, they are blatantly doing this based on religious hostility to atheism. And no, they haven't changed their policy to reject all religious-themed ads. It appears that to hold office in Alabama, you have to be completely ignorant of American Law and despise the Separation of Church and State."Oh, and in case that's not enough: Let's talk about some places where it sucks to be an atheist in high school.Check this out: In response to an e-mail message dated February 28, 2011, from Plaintiff's media broker to the Advertising Agent conveying the content of the Proposed Advertisement, the Advertising Agent forwarded the message to Betty Wineland, the Executive Director of the Authority, stating in her accompanying message (in its entirety): "Dear God...... Let's talk about the Secular Student Alliance, and its new program specifically devoted to supporting high school atheist groups.The public high school that's getting sued by said atheist high school student and the ACLU...

and is still digging in its heels, devoting extensive time and resources to defending their promotion of religion? And this story isn't just about a school administration insisting on its right to unconstitutionally establish religion.When we put up a factual, non-controversial billboard that said, 'Millions are Good Without God,' it was vandalized twice!

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