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Hitchcock told the subtle tale of beautiful but confused and agonized Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman) with a reputation for loose living as a playgirl (she was also the American-born daughter of a convicted Nazi sympathizer).

She was reluctantly convinced to infiltrate an evil German cartel by marrying a Rio-based, Nazi enemy leader Alexander Sebastian (Claude Rains), her former rejected suitor, who was living there incognito.

It told the story of Company C, 18th Infantry foot-soldiers of the US Army chronicled by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and war correspondent Ernest "Ernie" Pyle (portrayed by Burgess Meredith), during miserable campaigns in North Africa and Italy, especially the Battle of Monte Cassino.

A landmark, classic drama, and Best Picture-winning film - both powerful and provocative with many touching moments in the lives of combat survivors now returned to their former lives (demobilization), with both hopefulness and poignancy.In the exciting and nerve-wracking finale - Alicia's rescue scene - guilt-ridden Devlin made an ascent of the stairs to the weakened and sedated Alicia on her deathbed, after she was slowly being poisoned with arsenic-tainted coffee.